A’Pieu launches ‘Madecasoside ampoule’ on 4th of January 2019

One of top K-beauty cosmetics company, Able C&C’s cosmetic brand, A’Pieu announced ‘Madecasoside Ampule’ on the 4th of January.

Madecasoside ampoule contains 100% of the Centella Asiatica origin component known to have good effects on skin soothing and repair. Unlike ordinary ampoule products on the market, the viscosity is low and absorption is fast. Using only EWG green grade ingredients with less skin irritation, you can use oily, complex and sensitive skin comfortably. The company explained that they did not use any coloring and spices at all.

A’Pieu has recently selected Choi Yoon-ji, who is emerging as an influenza in the case of Instagram, as a model. In addition to official model activities such as pictorials, Choi plans to actively communicate with his customers through social network services (SNS).

To celebrate the launch of the Madecasoside ampoule, A’Pieu will add one of the Madecasoside line products to the new line of products at the retail outlets, along with one existing Madecasoside product.